3 New Year Traditions with a Wine Theme

3 New Year Traditions with a Wine Theme

What would New Year's be like without any champagne? Wine is a major part of many celebrations around the world, and the winter holidays are no exception. Here are 3 New Year traditions with a wine theme from the Old World and the New World.

Temecula, California:

Here in New York we watch the ball dropping at Time Square, but they do things a little differently in some parts of California wine country. The city of Temecula in Southern California has been lowering a custom built cluster of grapes from the clock tower of their Civic Center. While the ball has to travel over 140 feet, the grapes descend a mere 65 feet. However, the West Coast festivities double the fun. There's a drop at 9 pm East Coast Time that's geared towards families and a second drop three hours later at midnight Pacific Time for more adult revelries. The crowd has been growing each year, and there's ice skating too.


If you're in Spain on December 31, you may want to turn on your TV or head to the clock tower at the Real Casa de Correos in Puerta del Sol in Madrid. That's where people gather to eat a dozen grapes one at a time as the bells chime 12 times representing the 12 months of the year. Legend has it that you'll enjoy good luck if you can finish your grapes before the clock tolls for the last time. For more good fortune, wear at least one red undergarment under your clothes. Either way, you can enjoy the rest of the night drinking Cava, the sparkling wine Spain is famous for.


New Year's Eve is no time for light dining in France. Gather your friends for a feast called le réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre. Even if you don't believe the story that this Pope cured the Emperor Constantine of leprosy, you can still enjoy the champagne, oysters, and other delicacies.

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  • Adam Linet