5 Reasons to get a WSET Certification (other than liking wine)

5 Reasons to get a WSET Certification (other than liking wine)

If you're interested in a wine certification of some sort, you don't have to dedicate your life to becoming a Master Sommelier. Another program, offered by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) serves up four levels of accreditation in wine, offered both in classroom settings and online. 

Other than just flat out enjoying a delicious glass of wine, we've found five other bonus points of the undergoing the journey, specifically to a WSET Level 2 certification. 

1. Being Present

"Mindfulness" and "living in the moment" are the buzz words of our era. Some folks treat wine as a means to an end, but when you lean into enjoying the experience of observing, smelling, and tasting wine, it is pretty hard not to be present. Wines can be described as smelling like "chocolate covered meat" or "grass after it rains" when your brain is tuned into capturing every detail. Taking time to truly enjoy wine's unique colors and aroma gives a richer appreciation for the art of winemaking.

2) Geography, Science, Oh My!

Beyond learning the wine varietals, the WSET courses illuminate tangental topics when explored through the lens of wine. For example, you delve into reasons why certain wines fare well in specific climates, terrains and hemispheres, all of which rolls into the illusive term "terroir". You learn about the balance of acid, sugars, alcohol, and tannins that gives wine its character. And you get to brush up on geography to explore the various wine regions of the world (and plan for your next getaway). 

3) Get Social 

Specifically in the classroom setting, fascinating and eclectic people join the course, all with a different goal and reason for being there, but a shared adoration for wine. You'll learn about others, share some laughs (and sips) and hear about their favorite wine-related travels to inspire your own. Many tasting groups are formed from class participants, extending well after the class wraps up. 

4) Interesting People are Interested

Ever feel like you don't have a true hobby? Or a great answer to the dreaded "what have you been up to lately" question at happy hour? What is more interesting than telling someone about your new wine class and serving up some fun facts, or, even better, helping them pick out their new favorite beverage?

5) Reference Points

Depending on the school you take the course from, some offer wonderful booklets, worksheets and reference tasting notes. These can be handy for years to come when you want to quickly brush up on your knowledge for a fancy dinner party. 


What's not to love when mindfulness, learning new things, socialization with interesting people and wine are combined? Feel free to reach out to us to chat more!

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  • Adam Linet