Being Home is Hard, We're Here For You

Being Home is Hard, We're Here For You

New York City, it is crazy out here right now. We are so proud of all of you for staying home and listening to local healthcare professionals while we try not to go crazy at home. Before this all started, you loved everything about your boyfriend! Now every time he chews food it gives you a headache. We understand, and we want to help. 

We are delivering your favorite fine wine and spirits directly to your door, no contact or rule breaking required. Don't even think about sneaking to the liquor store where you could come into contact with ten people on the way there and back. Let us do all the work for you and bring your favorite beverages right to your door. We have free delivery between 20th St. and 35th St., between 1st Avenue and 6th Avenue, and a small $10 delivery fee for the rest of Manhattan. There are no rules anymore, so go ahead and have that glass of wine before your work from home routine in your comfy pants. You won't even notice your boyfriend eating because you'll be focused on how tasty that glass of wine in your hand is. Plus, is there anything cuter than a Snapchat filter with cat ears with that glass in your hand? Pair it with that new recipe that you have been tirelessly perfecting, the dessert you just had delivered, or that new TV show that you swore you would never watch but have gotten just bored enough to start. It's okay, it happens to the best of us. 

Don't settle for two buck chuck at the closest convenience store. We want to bring the best wines to you directly, in the safest, most socially responsible way possible. As soon as you get thirsty, contact us. 

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  • Adam Linet