Best Wines for Fall Festivities

Best Wines for Fall Festivities

There is a chill in the air and the leaves have begun to change, it must be fall! This magical pre-winter season has a charm of its own, and a wonderful selection of wines to pair with your autumn festivities. Say goodbye to pumpkin spice lattes as you continue reading and discover the best wines to complete your autumn season.


This full to medium bodied white on white wine comes together to give you a real treat. Highly aromatic and reminiscent of pears and nuts, this elegant beauty is bound to satisfy. The Marsanne and Roussanne grapes it is composed of hail from the Rhone Valley in Southern France as well as Paso Robles California.


An Italian wine out of Piedmont, Italy and more recently out of Lodi, California, Dolcetto is not as sweet as its name implies. On the dry side but less acidic than most, you can expect a bitter yet fruity licorice sensation as you relax in front of a delightfully warm fire.


With red wines on the forefront of fall, you will not want to miss out on this medium-bodied beauty. It is cultivated in many corners of the world, from Languedoc-Roussillon in France to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia and parts of Central Chile. Pair this with an autumn feast and enjoy its notes of cranberry, cured meats, and baking spices.


Grenache is the wine of wines when it comes to fall. Its flavor profile depends on the location it was grown, with raspberry and clove notes coming from the United States, Spain, and Australia varieties, and hints of dried strawberries and herbs hailing from French and Italian varieties. For a true, 100% pure Grenache, elect for one grown and produced in France. Low-tolerance drinkers beware, some varieties of Grenache can have a higher alcohol content.

What are you waiting for? Select some of the best wines of the season and enjoy! Contact us for more information on our selection.

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  • Adam Linet