Celebrate National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week

Celebrate National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week

If you were busy last year watching the winter Olympics in South Korea you might not have noticed another major development that took place in February 2018. A new holiday was invented, and it was called National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week.

Okay, as holidays go it may be a little commercial coming from PetWinery, a company that makes beverages for animals, but it's still an opportunity to drink wine with your cat. Whether or not the U.S. Congress ever gets around to declaring it an official federal holiday, we'd like to reach out to anyone who wants to drink wine during this special week in 2019, regardless of whether they even have a cat. The week long celebration starts on National Drink Wine Day on February 18.

Let's get one thing clear. It is not safe to give alcohol to cats or other animals. We'd urge you to talk with your veterinarian to see what they recommend for your pet. If they give their approval, you can find a number of retailers online that sell non-alcoholic beverages with all kinds of cute names for cats and dogs.

Now that your cat is covered, let's get back to you. We have several suggestions for wine for humans during this important week.

French Wine: Remember that movie The Aristocats where the greedy butler tries to cheat the cats out of their inheritance? You can drink French wine while you and your own high-society cat watch their adventures in Paris.

Austrian Wine: In case you were counting, cats outnumber dogs 3 to 1 in Austria, according to Euromonitor. Tell your cat about this paradise on earth while you enjoy a nice bottle of Austrian wine and a little Wiener Schnitzel.

United States Wine: It's always a good time to shop closer to home. Celebrate a U.S. holiday with a U.S. wine.

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