Does Smashing Wineglasses in Fireplaces Only Happen in Movies?

Does Smashing Wineglasses in Fireplaces Only Happen in Movies?

You've probably seen your share of old movies where the characters toss down a glass of wine or spirits, and then hurl their wine glasses or shot glasses over their shoulders to smash them in a fireplace. Sometimes, they don't even have a fireplace, but we're going to avoid the low budget films for now.

Serious research or just browsing online for a few minutes would suggest that this really isn't much of a cherished tradition, and likely to irritate the heck out of whoever has to clean up and pay for the glasses. You can find some vague justifications that maybe it refers to wedding traditions or showing off your wealth. There was even a game in ancient Greece called kottabos where rich men flung the dregs of their wine at a target, and slaves had to clean up the mess. Then again, rich men in ancient Greece had a lot of free time on their hands, and they had someone else to clean up the mess.

So, we'd have to say that smashing wine glasses is best left to the movies, and it's not much of a loss if you don't see many scenes like that today.

In fact, now that fewer movie stars are abusing their wine glasses, you probably won't ever have a dinner guest become so enthusiastic they destroy your Baccarat on purpose. It does happen by accident, and people have different opinions about the etiquette here. Generally, you take some risks when you let guests use your nice stuff, and they should be appreciative and offer to compensate you if they have an accident. If you're lucky, they'll get you a replacement if possible or send a small gift to show their regrets. Otherwise, you might want to be forgiving or just not invite them back for another dinner.

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