Don’t be afraid to get to know the knowledgeable staff at your favorite wine store

Don’t be afraid to get to know the knowledgeable staff at your favorite wine store

If you adore wine, there may be no better way to spend an afternoon than roaming through the aisles of your favorite wine shop, reading and learning about wines from around the globe. Most likely, a bottle or two will find their way into your cart and then into your wine rack or onto your dinner table. 

Sometimes though, you have an actual task. You are there to pick up a housewarming gift for your co-worker or perhaps pick out the wine for your mother's birthday party. All of the sudden, you're feeling the pressure of picking out the perfect bottle.

Next, the man who works at the shop seems to pick up on your confusion and offers his assistance. You are embarrassed that you don't know what you're looking for or perhaps you fear he'll steer you toward the $60 and up selections.


Staff is there to help:


Before refusing all help or proclaiming, "you're just looking," understand that this young man's job is to make sure you leave with the perfect bottle of wine. He has the training and experience to make your wine store trip productive and enjoyable.

Before you leave to go shopping for a specific bottle of wine, make sure you have the following information:


•    Who is the recipient?

•    What occasion is being celebrated or acknowledged?

•    What food or types of food are you serving with the wine?

•    What kinds of wine do you or the recipient prefer? Are you partial to red or white, dry or sweet?

•    Be honest about your budget for the wine. Is the wine to be consumed soon, or stored in a cellar?


Build Relationships:


Developing a relationship with one or two experts at your wine store is a good idea. Not only will they get to know you and your preferences, but they will also keep you informed regarding sales, tastings and exciting classes and seminars.

At Vino Wine and Spirits, we offer excellent customer service both in the store and online. Our blog also provides information on a variety of wine-related topics.

For more information on getting the most out of your knowledgeable staff contact us.

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  • Adam Linet