Don't Count on Wine Labels Alone. Ask Our Knowledgeable Staff.

Don't Count on Wine Labels Alone. Ask Our Knowledgeable Staff.

If you're like most wine shoppers, you may not realize how much influence wine labels can have when you're making a decision about what to buy and drink. See why Vino's knowledgeable staff may be a better resource than just relying on what you see on a shelf.

A recent study just added to the body of evidence about how persuasive wine labels really are. They can change your emotions, and even make you pay more for the exact same wine depending on the wording on the outside.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia asked consumers to taste 3 groups of white wines. One group had no information, one had a basic factual description, and the third had elaborate language including emotional statements and information about the history of the winery. Consumers significantly preferred the wine with a more extensive description. The findings were published in the May 2017 journal Food Research International.

Of course, wine labels do have some important information like provenance and vintage, but they also contain a lot of advertising that might make you rate a wine higher or lower for no substantive reason. In fact, producers have sometimes achieved a big increase in sales just by improving the graphics on the label even though their wines were still the same.

How can you be sure you're not paying more just because the bottle looks pretty? Ask our staff. At Vino, we're delighted to recommend the wines that we know are good values, and we can help you find something you'll love. Contact us today.

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