Four Wine and Snack Combinations for a Movie Night In

Four Wine and Snack Combinations for a Movie Night In

If you want to have the perfect movie night in, picking the best wine and snack combination can help you achieve this goal. Pairing savory snacks with a compatible glass of wine can help you relax as you enjoy your movie with friends or family. While there are many combinations you can try, we believe these four can be excellent choices for a perfect movie night in.

1. Buttery Popcorn and Cabernet Sauvignon

Few things are as comforting as curling up with a large bowl of popcorn or a glass of red wine on a relaxing weekend night or at the end of the day. So, why not combine these two options? Popcorn with wine can be an excellent combination for your movie night. Crunchy, salty popcorn can best be complemented by a glass of wine with firm tannins and bold fruit.

2. Caramel Chocolates and Sparkling

Wine and chocolate are natural companions. Enterprises make them from fruit where terroir has an essential role. Caramel chocolate is a harmonious blend of salty, bitter, fat, and sweet tastes. Pick a wine with similar flavors to enjoy the mix. Pair these nuggets with something lightly sweet and bubbly, such as Demi-sec Champagne or Lambrusco.

3. Black Licorice and Zin

Black licorice can come in various forms. This spicy candy pairs well with something plummy and bold, having lots of dark fruit, such as California Zin.

4. Sour Candy and Gewürztraminer

Wince-inducing sour gummies can be the perfect snack to pair with wine during a movie night in. A semi-sweet Gewürz having a touch of residual sugar with a palate of lush tropical fruit can soothe the sour.

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