Fromage Fort: How to Use Leftover Wine and Cheese

Fromage Fort: How to Use Leftover Wine and Cheese

If you love wine and cheese, you probably wind up with little scraps of assorted cheese piling up in your refrigerator. They linger there because you don't know what to do with them, and eventually you experience the pain of throwing out your Winnemere because it went bad or mixing your Jersey Blue into a plain old omelet because you have to use it up fast.

Don't blame cheese for being expensive. It costs a lot to make it, and bring it to market. By contrast, you can find many good quality wines at bargain prices, and a bottle will keep for a while unless you open it.

Shouldn't there be an easy way to enjoy that wine with the cheese whose time is running out? There is, and it's nothing new. Fromage fort means strong cheese in French, and a brilliant solution for leftover wine and cheese in any language.

The recipe is simple and flexible. You just need cheese, wine, garlic, butter, and any herbs you want to add. White wine is more commonly used, but anything you have on hand can work. Start by cutting your soft cheese into small pieces, and grating the harder cheeses. Remove any rinds or bits you don't want to use. Then, put everything in your food processor, and pulse until it's a smooth spread. Toast some bread, glaze it with your fromage fort, and stick it under the broiler for a few minutes. You can also use your spread on cut vegetables or anything you want.

The portions can vary according to your preferences, with 1 ounce of wine to 8 ounces of cheese being an approximate ratio. Fromage fort will keep in the refrigerator for about a week or you can freeze it for longer use.

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  • Adam Linet