How to Find The Best Wine Rack For You

How to Find The Best Wine Rack For You

The best wine rack is going to be one that looks right in your home. After all, finding great wine and showcasing it in your space is part of the fun of being a wine drinker. Here are some options for the perfect wine rack for a few different type of spaces.

Classy Stainless Steel Wine Rack: If you have a devoted space for wine, a stainless steel wine rack gives you the shiny smoothness of the metal to contrast with the dark glass of the bottles of wine. This wine rack works well for getting the elegance of a wine cellar in Tuscany.

Pallet Wood Wine Rack: Rustic chic is in, and making your own wine rack out of pallet wood is less difficult than you might think. If you've got the perfect shabby chic home, complete with Edison bulbs and plenty of wood floors, the right wine rack for you might be the pallet wood wine rack.

Copper Wine Rack with Glass Surfaces: Many retailers offer a copper-colored wine rack that also has a glass top, perfect for serving that perfect glass of wine or for lining up a few options for the bottle of wine for the night. Understated and fabulous, this wine rack fits perfectly into almost any room.

Wall Wine Holder: Some wine racks require that you keep a lot of bottles of wine in the house at once; a decorative wine holder usually only holds two or three bottles of wine. The wine becomes part of the decor, but when you drink it you can always fill the holder up with new bottles the next time. 

No matter the kind of wine rack you choose, you want to know that the perfect wine is in it: whether you love red wine or white wine, you'll find it at Vino Fine Wines and Spirits.

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  • Adam Linet