Impress your Date on a Dime with Vino

Impress your Date on a Dime with Vino

Dating is hard. We see it all the time. The paramours of wine lovers wandering through the door, searching for that bottle that will impress their special someone, without making too much of an impression on their bank account. Our Dominus Napa Valley Red 2011 is romantic, velvety smooth and will leave a lasting impression on your lover's lips... In a few years when you have finally gotten that big promotion. For this year, we'll be looking at wines to impress that are under $30.00 and have that special romance about them just for that special someone.


Chateau Bellevue Bordeaux Superieur

We start our journey at a winery outside Bordeaux, France, a region known for its wine nestled in a country known for its romance. Pour two glasses of this deep ruby red Chateau Bellevue Bordeaux Superieur and let the aroma of red berries carry you to southwestern France and luxuriate in the strawberry and vanilla paradise there. This wine does not disappoint. 

Monte Zovo Valpolicella Ripasso

Perhaps the relaxed romance of France is not your style. Your love is bright, forward, and passionate. We've found just the right Italian wine for your taste, the Monte Zovo Valpolicella Ripasso. This Rispasso has fruity notes, and a just the right touch of cedar. Hailing a stones throw from Romeo and Juliet's fair Verona, passionate love isn't just in the taste, it is in the air.

Terranoble CA1 Carmenere Ande

Classic romance and wild passions aren't your pace. Your love is adventurous, outdoors, and breathtaking. For a love like yours, we have just the wine. Hailing from Chile, the Terranoble CA1 Carmenere Ande is a bit punchy, more chocolate than berry, and a great representative of the region. It finishes with just a touch of spice, an adventure in a bottle. 

Secret Cellars Pinot Noir

Your love doesn't need to see the world when you are together. The two of you are the type that cuddles on the couch, laughing about nothing, happy just to be together. The Secret Cellars Pinot Noir is a comforting bottle with just a hint of spice. It brings to mind sipping in front of the fireplace after a home-cooked meal. It is the perfect end to a perfect day.

Laurent Perrier La Cuvee Brut Champagne

Last but certainly not least: Champagne. Maybe there is a ring or maybe you want to celebrate your love and your time together. The Laurent Perrier La Cuvee Brut Champagne is a fragrant, bright, and, of course, bubbly option to serve your date. Champagne makes any date just a little more romantic. 


Whether you are spending a little or spending a lot, the staff at Vino Fine Wine and Spirits is honored to help you impress your date. Stop in our store at  121 East 27th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues, contact us, or visit us on Facebook. We would love to help!

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  • Adam Linet