Love Pizza? Love Wine? We’ve Got Your Next Date Night Sorted

Love Pizza? Love Wine? We’ve Got Your Next Date Night Sorted

Is a night of good food and great wine really so much to ask for? With New York City prices, the answer might seem like a strong, "yes". With dinner for two easily surpassing the hundred dollar mark, the idea of drinking and eating well on a budget can seem nearly impossible. But don't worry: We've found a solution. If pizza is your thing and Brooklyn is your scene, we'd strongly suggest a casual date night at the homely pizza joint, Lucali. The best part? They provide the food, you bring the wine. Now that's a win/ win.

With crispy crust, vibrant sauce, generous amounts of cheese and fresh toppings, Lucali's pizza is a prime example of New York City's favorite food. And as good as the pizza is, we might argue that the chance to bring your own wine is what really makes for a special night at this local dinner spot. Whether you're tired of marked-up "by the glass" prices or just want to indulge in your favorite go-to bottle, the choice is yours: Just stop by the shop, pick up a bottle, and make your way to the restaurant for the low key dinner of your dreams.

If the thought of choosing your own wine to pair with your pie seems a little overwhelming, consider one of our top recommended pizza pairings. If white is more your style, you can't go wrong with a Pinot Grigio. The crisp taste will cut through the richness, without being overly sweet or summery with a tomato-based pie. A bottle of Blue Quail Pinot Gris, for example, will be the perfect accompaniment to keep the Italian vibe going all night long. Those who prefer red might opt for Sangiovese or Vino Rosso. A bottle of Rosso del Palazzone is always a crowd-pleaser, not to mention a significantly better deal than you'd find on the wine list at your other usual date night spots.

So the next time you have an itch to go out, before you spend your entire paycheck on one date, consider grabbing a bottle of vino at our shop and making your way over to Lucali. All the ambiance and satisfaction, without needlessly exorbitant wine lists. You can thank us later, and trust us, you'll want to.


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  • Adam Linet