Moscato Wine: More than Just a Sweet, Dessert Wine

Moscato Wine: More than Just a Sweet, Dessert Wine

If you haven't tried a Moscato wine, you are missing out on a sweet, delicious wine. If you are a fan of Riesling wines, Moscato wines might be to your taste as well. They are a slightly sweeter wine. This is because these wines get their sweetness from the very high sugar content in the Muscat Blanc grapes. Aside from their use in wine, these grapes are also used as table grapes and some are even turned into raisins.  

Moscato Pairings

Moscato wines are typically lower in alcohol content than other wines at 5-6%. As far as being a dessert wine, think about pairing it with a European style dessert like a cheese plate. Other ideas for pairings are: spicy food, balancing out the hot intensity with its sweet flavors and charcuterie, playing off the sweet and salty flavors. Many of these wines are light with a fruity flavoring and a slight bubble but each wine has a taste all its own. Try a few and find one you like.

When and How to Serve

Moscato wines are best served chilled. We recommend that you drink them when they are young but you don't have to wait for dessert to drink this wine. Moscato wines would be great for a summer afternoon picnic or a day at the beach. With their lower alcohol content, they would make a great alternative to a Riesling. Moscato wines offer you and your guests something you could sip slowly all afternoon. 

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  • Adam Linet