Proven Selection: French Wine Doesn't Need To Be Expensive

Proven Selection: French Wine Doesn't Need To Be Expensive

When you think of France and French culture no doubt the city of Paris, the charming countryside, exquisite and rich food, incredible art, and beautiful people all come to your mind. But, you won't need to think too long before French wine also makes it to the forefront of your brain.

The French people love their wine, and so does the rest of the world. France is second only to Italy in wine production.


History of French wine:


Some would argue that the Greeks or the Romans introduced wine to the region that is now France. Evidence from a 1980s archeological dig suggests, however,  wine production existed in the Tuscan region around 475 BC.

The first formal appellation classification came with the rule of Napoleon III in 1855. But, not even French royalty could stop the vineyards from nearly disappearing in the early 19th century from phylloxera, a disease caused by an American aphid. Thankfully, Leo Lallina discovered that plants with an American root system were immune to the disease. Once the new plants were in place the Bordeaux, Champagne, and Burgundy regions regained their proclivity.

Rules put in place in 1930 remain enforced today. Champagne comes from the Champagne region and no place else!


Don't let the expensive reputation fool you:


France suffers or basks in a reputation of effeteness (depending on who you're talking to), but that doesn't mean you need a Swiss bank account to enjoy high-quality French wine.

Below you will find a few examples of some of our most popular and proven French wines:


  • Dopff and Irion Pinot Gris- Pinot Gris is the French version of Pinot Grigio. You will find this Pinot Gris to be a bit more complicated with dried fruit and smoky notes. Serve it with white meat or shellfish. The interesting combination of smoke and fruit make it perfect for Thanksgiving.
  • LaPorte Sauvignon Blanc-Many will agree if Sauvignon Blanc pleases your palate you can't go wrong with a French version. This wine offers citrus and stony notes with a hint of gooseberry. Try it with a crisp salad or seafood.
  • Domaine des Diables Bonbon Rose de Provence- If you want to spend a bit more, this beautiful rose' represents a great choice. These vines harken back to 1914, and the red berry and earthy aromas attest to its quality.
  • Schmitt Cremant D'alsace Brut Rose- For a more economical version of Champagne try this delicious sparkling Rose.' Your palate will enjoy fruity and light flavors, but appreciate its dryness for your seafood and poultry dishes.


So, you don't need fancy French food or food at all to enjoy a delicious glass of French wine. For more information about French wine contact us.

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  • Adam Linet