Proven Selection: Napa Valley Favorites

Proven Selection: Napa Valley Favorites

Napa Valley sits between the Mayacama Mountain and Vaca Mountain ranges in the northernmost part of California. As a premier viticulture appellation of the United States, it boasts the title of one of the world's most beautiful wine regions.

With a Mediterranean type climate and abundance of volcanic ash, it produces harvests resulting in excellent Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Grenache, and Sauvignon blanc wines to name a few.


History of California Wine Production:


Though the cultivation of Napa Valley grape vines date back before 1700, the appellation was not established until 1864 by George C. Yount. John Patchett was the first to produce California wine commercially in 1857. The industry exploded in the late 1870s with the establishment of Beringer Wineries in 1876 and Captain Gustav Niebaum setting up shop as Inglenook Wineries in 1879.

Hailing from grapes also found in Italy, France, and Germany, like its European counterparts, the strong California vineyards also survived a crippling outbreak of phylloxera. The Napa Valley region also had problems unique to the United States and overcame such disruptions as prohibition in the 1920s and the Great Depression of the 1930s.

André Tchelistcheff began implementing modern winemaking techniques after prohibition ended which paved the way for such notable winemakers as The Christian Brothers in the late 1930s and Robert Mondavi in 1965. Since then, hundreds of wineries have made a "splash" in the Napa Valley and surrounding regions, making it a tourist destination and the backdrop for such popular wine culture movies as "Sideways."


New World Quality:


Those who turn up their noses at California wine may be advised to read up on all that the Napa Valley region has to offer. Far from a sea of White Zinfandel, this domestic area provides some of the globe's most exceptional and most extensive variety of wine. When comparing Chardonnays, for instance, don't assume the Old World selection will be your preference.


Try These Selections:


Though we offer California selections which might take up a good percentage of your paycheck, we also have medium price wines which may be enjoyed immediately but also have the complexity to mature in your cellar for years.

Ampelos Pinot Noir Rho features exotic spicy and cherry coke notes. Its oaky flavor comes from French oak barrels and will make you think you're in Europe.

Scribe Chardonnay Carneros derives its earthy complexity from the cooler temperatures and the black clay soil. The grapes ripen slowly and keep their intensity through hand picking.

Hobo Sceales offers a perfectly balanced Grenache from their nearly 100-year-old vineyard. They take great care in the fermentation process to ensure the right amount of dryness and tannins.

Many wine enthusiast have already visited the Napa Valley region or at least have it on their bucket list. If you can't make the trip in the near future, treat yourself to a glass of the exquisite wine.

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