Red Wine: Good for Your Heart & Soul

Red Wine: Good for Your Heart & Soul

Any true wine lover has heard the rumors that red wine (in moderation) can be beneficial to your health. Well, wine lovers, let's rejoice! The rumors are true. According to doctors at The Mayo Clinic, red wine seems to help prevent coronary artery disease and protect against cholesterol build up. Now, we're not doctors, but we do know a thing or two about red wine. 

Red Wine Pairings:

We know you don't need an excuse to bust out your bottle opener and open that bottle of red, but here are some great food pairings if you need one.

  • Pinot Noir: On the sweeter side of the red wine scale; pinot noir pairs well with an array of food items. Whether you are in the mood for red meat or want to snack on fresh mozzarella or delicious strawberries, pinot noir is the choice for you.
  • Merlot: The most "flexible" of the red wines; merlot can be comfortably paired with many dishes. Pair it with a decedent tomato-based Italian pasta dish to meaty dishes such as steak or even fish! 
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: This dry red wine pairs perfectly with any meat you can think of. From steak, burgers, and lamb chops to pork, venison, and even rabbit, a glass of cab will certainly partner well.

Vino's Best Selling Red Wines:

At Vino Fine Wine & Spirits, we carry a wide variety of red wines for you to choose from. A few of our best selling reds include:

Randall-Monroe Pinot Noir

Macari Collina Red (Merlot) 

Browne Family Vineyards Heritage Cabernet

Over the years, we have quickly become one of New York's premier wine retailers, offering unique and special wine you won't find at every store. Contact us or stop by our store in New York, NY to browse through only the finest wine today.

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  • Adam Linet