The Best Wine for a Quiet Night In

The Best Wine for a Quiet Night In

Intimacy is vital in relationships. Wrapping your arms around a family member carries a primal sense of relief. That's why intimacy is often expressed through our other needs, like food. But a proper cozy, mealtime is near impossible in a lockdown. We're in a crisis, and even those not directly affected are feeling isolated from the people they love. Fortunately, Vino Fine Wine and Spirits has got your back. They can provide the key ingredient to an intimate dining experience, and they can deliver for free.

The difference between plain takeout and a posh night-out is the time dedicated to the experience. Many of us have lots of extra time on our hands since the frenetic heartbeat of the city has stilled. What better way to use that time than by mulling over our extensive collection of wines and spirits?

Those seeking a nightclub's liveliness might find something new and exotic to try. We dare you: Sula's Brut Tropical, a sparkling wine hailing from Maharashtra, India. Established by Stanford-educated Rajeev Samant in 1999, Sula Vineyards is now the crown jewel of Nashik, India's Wine Capital. As rainbow as the bottle, this Blanc de Noir bubbles with peaches and passion fruit, sure to dazzle the senses. For more cautious explorers, Vino's award winning experts are happy to guide you through our diverse selection.

For those seeking comfort, there is no better place to look than the beverage with which you wash down your comfort food. All wines possess a powerful flood of flavors, aromas, and alcoholic vapors that can short-circuit the logical brain. They can invoke memories you'd swear you'd forgotten. The dark and serious merlot, like watching Les Miserablès. The mellow subtlety of a chardonnay, like the warm sun on a beach.

I know I promised you the best wine for a lockdown. For me it's a cheap and hearty Lambrusco Rosso. That's weird, I know. But it's what my mother drank, every Sunday. Even though it's too dense for me to drink straight, it does mix nicely into several summertime sangrias. This particular wine conjures roasted chicken with herb butter, my sister who was always late, and my dad who liked to remark on how we had become a "trope." It's good to remember.

So the truth is: the best wine for an intimate dining experience is the one that you, or the people you love, will sit and savor with you. Clear the table. Acquire some food — frozen ravioli, or steak takeout from a 5-star restaurant. Whatever you feel like eating. Match it with some wines, free delivery. Call your dad, your partner, or your children, either to the table or from the table. Pour the wine. And dedicate some time. You're not alone.

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