The Rest of the World is Drinking More Champagne than France

The Rest of the World is Drinking More Champagne than France

For the first time in modern history, more champagne is being drunk outside of France than within its borders. It's the continuation of a long trend as champagne consumption spreads more evenly across the world, and the US is one of the most enthusiastic markets. Do your part and drink more champagne starting now.

Export figures show that starting in 2019, more champagne is being consumed in foreign markets than in France. Much of the growth in exports has been in countries outside of Europe, and sales have been especially strong in the United States, Japan, and Australia. It's a huge shift considering that France used to consume much more champagne than the rest of the world until around the middle of the twentieth century.

Champagne houses have responded by increasing advertising in markets outside Europe. So, if they can adapt to this new balance, so can you. Here are 3 ideas for welcoming more bubbly into your life.

Be romantic.

Do you save champagne for special occasions like Valentine's Day and wedding anniversaries? Let your spouse know you love them just as much year round by sharing a bottle of champagne over a Sunday afternoon brunch or a Tuesday night movie at home.

Dine in style.

Champagne is practical too. It pairs beautifully with a wide variety of foods. Thanks to its high acidity it also tends to taste even better with food than on its own. Serve champagne more often with home cooked meals or take out.

Treat yourself.

There's one thing champagne drinkers around the world can agree on. In both Europe and newer markets, the prestige cuvees are in high demand all over. For a sensational experience, indulge in one of the best champagnes.

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  • Adam Linet