Tips on Moving Your Wine Collection from the Best Wine Store in New York City

Tips on Moving Your Wine Collection from the Best Wine Store in New York City

Moving requires a lot of planning and hard work, especially when you're caring for your prized possessions, like your wine collection. If you're going to be setting up home someplace new, here are a few ideas for what to do with your alcohol.

Give Some Away:

There's nothing like moving to remind you how heavy some things are, like books and wine bottles. Calculate how much that extra weight is going to cost you in moving fees. It will probably make sense to leave some of those bottles behind. Throw a party that will reduce your supply. Think of family and friends who would appreciate such thoughtful and useful gifts. If it seems appropriate for your workplace, bring them in for your coworkers. It's one way to say thanks and strengthen your network with old contacts as you leave for new opportunities.

Move the Rest:

To protect the bottles you're taking with you, you can ask your moving company for special wine boxes that have foam dividers to minimize the risk of accidents. Be sure to mark the boxes as fragile with a label on each side. If you're moving yourself, you might be able to make do with any heavy box with cardboard dividers and plenty of packing paper. Wrap the paper around each bottle and use it to fill in any gaps in your packed boxes. For the serious collector, there are also special moving companies that use refrigerated trucks and keep your wine in storage until you're ready to welcome it into your new home.

Buy More Wine:

However you get to your new place, you can look forward to replenishing your wine collection with fabulous new additions. It's easy to do when you contact us at Vino Fine Wine & Spirits. You'll find something for your budget and tastes, including many wines for under $20 that you won't find anywhere else.

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  • Adam Linet