Warm Winter Dishes You Can Make with White Wine

Warm Winter Dishes You Can Make with White Wine

Many people think of beef bourguignon or chicken marsala when they think of cooking with wine, especially in winter. However, chicken, root vegetables, fish, mussels, and even beef can be deliciously prepared with white wine for a hearty meal on a cold winter night.

Why White Wine? 

White wine adds acidity and crisp fruit flavors to a dish. The alcohol and other compounds in wine help break down the molecules of the food being cooked to release flavors that may not come out in water, broth, or oils. The alcohol burns off, leaving only wonderful flavors behind.

If you've opened a bottle that you don't love, or if it's been sitting for a few days and the flavor has changed, don't toss it out. Try it in a favorite recipe. Or, think about the flavors you'd like to add to a dish and buy a new bottle. Many inexpensive and moderately priced bottles are great complements to food, both to cook with and to drink with the meal. Dry, crisp wines such as Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, some Rieslings, and unoaked Chardonnays work best to add acidity and light flavor without overpowering the food.

Ready to Eat?

  • Prepare a simple white-wine marinade for chicken and roast the meat in the liquid to infuse even more flavor.
  • Roast chicken with white wine and fresh herbs to fill your home with the mouth-watering scent of the meal while it cooks.
  • Try coque au vin with a dry Riesling for a luxurious change of pace.
  • Make an elegant white-wine sauce to accompany garlic-roasted chicken or fish.
  • Add white wine to the vegetables you roast alongside a chicken to bring out the sweetness of carrots and onions.
  • Steam mussels in a Sauvignon Blanc that highlights the fresh flavors.
  • Braise beef in white wine instead of red to enhance the beef's flavor rather than blanket it.

White wine doesn't have to be delegated to warm weather, especially if you prefer it to red. Working it into some wintertime comfort foods is a great way to enjoy white wine year round. Fortunately we always have an excellent selection of wines regardless of the season. If you need any help deciding on a bottle, contact us and our expert staff can guide you.

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  • Adam Linet