What Else To Do With Your Bottle of Rosé

What Else To Do With Your Bottle of Rosé

Summer in New York is synonymous with one drink: rosé. As the temperatures climb higher and higher, New Yorkers can't resist the urge to beat the heat with a cool glass of everyone's favorite pink drink—available at every wine store. New York City is home to quite a diverse array of Instagram-worthy, rosé-inspired treats (think slushies and gummy bears!) but with a little knowledge and creativity, you too can be a connoisseur of all things rosé-inspired. This summer, ditch the wine glass for these original ways to enjoy summer's favorite beverage.

First of all, what exactly is rosé?

Time to bust some myths: the people who told you that rosé was simply red & white wine mixed together were (and still are) wrong. Like red wine, rosé-making begins with red grapes. Here's the difference—while red wine retains those dark red skins after the fruit is crushed, rosé winemakers remove those skins soon after the crushing process. Winemakers can control the tint of their wine by leaving the skins to soak for longer or shorter periods of time. The result is a smooth, crisp product that's not nearly as high in tannins as its redder counterpart, making it the perfect go-to refreshment during a sticky New York summer.

Can you really cook with it?

Of course! Imagine rosé as white wine's cooler, funkier cousin when it comes time to think about culinary applications. You probably don't want to braise a roast in anything but a hearty red wine, but if you'd normally add a splash or two of white into a dish, give rosé a try! Seafood, chicken and light, summery pasta dishes are all wonderful vehicles for consuming more of summer's favorite drink—check out the links below for a little inspiration!

Rosé-Steamed Mussels

Is there anything more delicious than seafood & wine? It's doubtful. For your next dinner party, serve up Food & Wine's delicious and easy take on the white wine-steamed classic. Your friends will thank you, and so will your tastebuds.

Drunken Strawberries

If your strawberries want to drink a little rosé, let them! This recipe courtesy of Julie Blanner is proof that strawberries + wine + sugar = magic. Even better: it'll only take you five minutes, and there's no heat required.

Raspberry Granita Rosé Cocktail

It doesn't get any better than cocktails and dessert at the same time. Sugar Salted's recipe for these icy, rosé-forward drinks couldn't be more perfect for a humid New York night when even the setting sun can't cool you down.

If you're in the market for a great bottle of rosé, we've got your back. Contact us or visit us in person for more expert tips on how to drink (or cook with) our favorite bottles all summer long.

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  • Adam Linet