Why You Should Visit a Boutique Wine Shop

Why You Should Visit a Boutique Wine Shop

It's true that you can find some great wines in any grocery store. They are usually the same popular sellers you'll find everywhere, however, and the store staff may not be knowledgeable, since they are there to stock shelves, not to be wine experts. If you're looking to try a new wine or need the perfect wine to complement a meal, then a boutique wine shop is the place to look for a staff who knows their stuff.

In a boutique shop the staff, and even the owner, get to know their customers. The personal service results in recommendations and relationships that you can't find in larger stores. With wine-tasting classes and free wine tastings, customers may experience a variety of wines without any commitment to buy a bottle. These events bring the community together, too, as a boutique wine shop may feature a regional wine with local cheeses or other treats for a tasting. These personal touches and the sense of community makes your neighborhood wine shop the perfect place to buy your wine.

Boutique shops like Vino Fine Wine and Spirits offer a selection of hard-to-find wines and spirits in a range of prices, from inexpensive to moderately priced to high end. 

We hand select most of our wines, including imports. We carry a number of small varietals from around the world and can recommend wines from any region to accompany the cuisine you're having. Don't be afraid to let us know exactly what you're looking for -- anything from a bottle of red for under $20 to enjoy with pizza or a bottle of the best champagne to make an impression. We can help you select the perfect bottle.

To find out if we have what you're looking for or to discuss your preferences with our knowledgeable staff, contact us today.

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  • Adam Linet