Wine Education: Can Drinking Wine Enhance Your Relationship?

Wine Education: Can Drinking Wine Enhance Your Relationship?

You have probably heard the statement, "wine is alive." That statement alone denotes romance, health, and happiness.

If you randomly ask people what drink they most closely associate with love, most of them would probably say wine.

And, wine is alive because of the way the grapes are grown and harvested, the fermented fruit is stored and bottled, and because of the care and passion given throughout the process.

A bottle of wine represents geography, history, and an array of human emotions. Yes, wine is romantic before you even open the bottle, but there are other reasons it may enhance your relationship.


Healthy Heart:


A functioning and robust heart is essential, of course, for overall health, but it especially contributes to a vibrant romantic relationship not only for your love life but other activities as well.

Red wine, especially, is known for its heart benefits. This benefit is partially due to the antioxidants extracted for the grape skins. Antioxidants may increase HDL, also known as good cholesterol.

Resveratrol is an ingredient found mostly in red wine that prevents clotting and other damage to blood vessels.


White Wine Benefits:


Though white wine doesn't get the same accolades as red wine when it comes to health benefits, it too, has some antioxidants and resveratrol, just not at the concentrated levels as red wine.

White wine also has ingredients shown to reduce the risk of cancer, Alzheimer's, and other forms of dementia. Again, good physical and mental health makes for a happier individual, and a more content person makes a better partner.


Healthy Mind:


And, speaking of mental health, relaxing with a glass of wine is sure fire way to unwind and relieve stress. Less tension naturally means a better relationship. 

Sharing a bottle of wine with your spouse or partner makes for great conversation and an enjoyable afternoon or evening. 


Wine and Food:


Nothing enhances food like a glass of wine. A nice bottle of Merlot makes even a dinner of frozen pizza special. 

And indeed, drinking a glass of wine with your loved one, congers up more romantic images than a bottle of beer.


Like most things, the key to wine improving your relationship is moderation. The benefits of wine, both for your health and relationship, disappear possibly after the second and certainly after the third glass.

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