Wine Education: Drink Wine During the Week

Wine Education: Drink Wine During the Week

Do you want to drink more wine, but you keep running out of time over the weekend? We'd like to remind you that there are 5 more days in the week, and that means many more opportunities to drink wine. Here are some of our favorite everyday occasions for breaking out a nice bottle of wine.

Monday: Maybe your boss dumps a ton of new work on you just when you thought you were going to start catching up with the stuff you weren't able to finish last week. Maybe your kids spent another weekend forgetting they have to put on clothing and eat breakfast before they go to school. Wouldn't it be nice to have a bottle of wine waiting for you when you get home from work? Plus, some psychologists say Monday is the ideal day for forming new habits so maybe you'll be inspired to drink more wine all week long.

Tuesday: Productivity experts are always telling you to schedule stuff like calling clients and negotiating contracts for the middle of the week. How about leaving room for something fun on your agenda like drinking wine?

Wednesday: You've made it to the midpoint. Celebrate with a glass of one of our bestsellers.

Thursday: Thursday night is like Friday night with less drama and lighter traffic. Make plans for the evening to go see a movie with your significant other or play laser tag with a bunch of your friends. Of course, you should start or end your evening by inviting everyone to share a glass of wine before or afterwards.

Friday: It's as close to a weekend as a workday can get. Start your time off right with a nice dinner and your favorite bottle of wine.

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