Wine Education: Please Get Your Wine Out of the Kitchen

Wine Education: Please Get Your Wine Out of the Kitchen

Be honest. Is there a wine rack sitting on top of your refrigerator? Even if a home wine cellar is a little beyond your current means, you can find better ways to store your wine. Here are some practical suggestions for keeping your wine in top shape.

Why Your Kitchen Isn't a Good Place to Store Wine:

Wine thrives on cool, dark, and stable conditions. The ideal temperature for storage is about 45 to 65 F, which could be a very chilly kitchen. Excessive heat, fluctuations in temperature, direct sunlight, and vibrations from refrigerators, air conditioners, and other appliances can cause wine to deteriorate quickly. That's especially true for light-bodied wines.

Better Places to Store Your Wine at Home:

If you have a basement, you may be all set. Clear away any clutter and give your wine the accommodations it deserves. Keep in mind that you'll need to strike a balance on humidity to preserve your wine without attracting mold. What if your home has no basement? A cool dark closet can be the next best thing. You may also want to browse around online for wine refrigerators or other wine storage devices. You can find units designed for less than 20 bottles, and you can always upgrade as your wine collection grows.

Wherever you store your wine, be sure to place the bottles sideways to keep the corks moist and discourage oxidation that can occur when a dried out cork shrinks and lets oxygen in. Naturally, you don't have to worry about this with screw top bottles.

Of course, drinking your wine immediately is another way to get rid of any pesky storage issues. After all, you can always get more at Vino Fine Wine & Spirits. Contact us to see why we're consistently voted one of New York's top-rated wine stores.

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  • Adam Linet