Wine Education and Must Have Accessories for the Wine Enthusiast

Wine Education and Must Have Accessories for the Wine Enthusiast

Whether your love for wine has grown into a serious passion or you have friends who can't imagine life without their vino, it's good to know the essential accessories that wine enthusiasts must have. Additionally, buying the perfect bottle of wine as a gift for your friend who already boasts a well-stocked cellar often poses a challenge. Why not surprise your seasoned or new wine collector with a much needed or wanted wine accessory?

Wine accessories all wine lovers need:

Below you will find some of the most important accessories required for a wine enthusiast's home. Corkscrews come in a few different styles, and while more and more decent wines open with a twist of a cap, the corkscrew will not be replaced anytime soon.

  •  Manual corkscrews remain the most popular and widely used in restaurants. Make sure to choose one with a hollow helix to ensure a sturdy grip and clean release of the cork.
  •  The screw pull operates using the lever process. It makes the removal of the cork considerably easier. A Texas engineer invented it to make it easier for women but comes in handy for anyone who finds themselves opening several bottles for a party or event.
  •  A butler's friend allows you to grasp the sides of cork and maneuver the cork out unscathed. This corkscrew makes it easy to replace the cork allowing very little oxygen into the bottle.• Foil cutters make it a whole lot easier to neatly cut the foil around the cork. No more damaged nails or using dangerous knives.
  •  Decanters come in all shapes and sizes. They do serve a much-needed purpose for decanting an older bottle of wine to filter the residue. Of course, just about any container could serve as a decanter, but why not choose a beautiful crystal vessel for that special wine lover.
  •  Bottle stoppers come in handy especially for those who entertain and open multiple bottles at a setting. Bottle stopper types range from solid rubber to ornate porcelain.

Wine Accessories Plus:

If you're shopping for that person who does have everything, options still exist to impress your fellow vino lover.

  • The Coravin System will set you back around $200 to $300, but it may make someone who does a lot of entertaining very happy. The premise of this rather extravagant gadget involves pouring a glass of wine while keeping the cork completely intact. Not only does your wine stay fresh with the gas included, but the oxygen levels also stay stable as well.

  • Wine Wheels for tastings and décor make a fun and thoughtful gift. Wine Wheels help wine professionals and enthusiastic amateurs. Besides the usual wine wheel format, t-shirts and posters make original gifts.

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