Wine Education: Should You Judge A Wine by Its Origins?

Wine Education: Should You Judge A Wine by Its Origins?

Do you judge a wine by how it tastes or by where it's from? A recent study found that a wine's country or region of origin is often a deciding factor in how much consumers are willing to pay.

Researchers from Washington State University conducted a series of taste tests to see how much consumers cared about non-taste factors like origin. Wines from every country and region tested did about the same in the first purely blind tasting, but big differences emerged when people were given more details about the place of origin and other attributes.

Many consumers were no longer willing to pay a wine's full retail price once they found out that it came from a less familiar region. That was especially true for men, older consumers, and those who drank wine less than once a month.

Interestingly, those who drank wine at least once a week, were far more likely to rely on their own taste experiences.

After all, does it really make sense to reject a wine you like just because you find out the label says it's from Iowa instead of California?

There's nothing wrong with enjoying wines from countries with the biggest production like Italy, France, Spain, and the US. We're just suggesting that consumers keep an open mind about exploring less familiar places that make great wine from Chile to Croatia.

In fact, given the effects of climate change and other economic and natural factors, it's a good idea to widen your horizons. You'll enjoy a greater variety of options and you'll discover some amazing bargains.

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  • Adam Linet