Wine Education: Study Says Moderate Wine Drinkers Take Fewer Sick Days

Wine Education: Study Says Moderate Wine Drinkers Take Fewer Sick Days

A recent study showed that nondrinkers take more sick days off from work than moderate drinkers. It looks like drinking wine could make you a better employee.

The findings come from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health based on analyzing surveys and work records in 3 countries. They concluded that non-drinkers were about 20% to 50% more likely to take a significant amount of time off from work for a variety of physical and mental ailments.

We're not saying that drinking wine on a regular basis would be enough on its own to get you a raise, but every little bit helps. While you're enjoying your champagne or Pinot noir, here are a few more ways to get ahead:

Share your wine tips:

Win over your boss and coworkers by being generous with your wine and tips about your favorite wine sellers and wine makers. Invite some colleagues over for spaghetti and Chianti or roast chicken and chardonnay. Recommend a new restaurant with an interesting wine list or invite your office buddies to join you for a local wine tasting.

Manage stress:

Along with the wine itself, maybe moderate drinkers catch fewer bugs because their lives are balanced, and they spend time with family and friends. There's overwhelming evidence that productivity declines for most people if you try to work more than about 35 to 39 hours a week. Set priorities. Make time to play and cultivate supportive relationships. Relax after a hard day with a good book and a nice glass of Zinfandel.

Stay healthy:

In addition to drinking wine, you can cut down on sick days by eating a balanced diet, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep. Washing your hands often helps too.

We hope you and all our customers will enjoy great health and career success. Contact us at Vino Fine Wine & Spirits to find great values on wines that you'll want to make part of your wholesome and happy lifestyle.

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  • Adam Linet