Wine Education: Study Says Red Wine Could Be Good for Your Teeth

Wine Education: Study Says Red Wine Could Be Good for Your Teeth

You've probably heard about the many potential health benefits of drinking red wine, and now there's one more. Researchers in Spain have discovered a link between red wine and oral health.

The results are a little surprising considering that you usually hear about red wine staining your teeth, but it turns out there's another side to the story. A recent study led by Dr. Victoria Moreno-Arribas at the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid found that the antioxidants in red wine can help prevent bacteria from sticking to your gums, and reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease. Furthermore, those effects are amplified when the red wine molecules are combined with a probiotic such as Streptococcus dentisani. That could mean you'll be seeing some form of red wine molecules as an ingredient in toothpaste, mouth wash, and chewing gum at some time in the future.

It's not just a matter of oral health either. The same bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath can enter your blood stream, and lead to heart disease and certain cancers. Plus, this latest news adds to the existing impressive body of evidence about the positive effects of drinking red wine. Moderate consumption has already been linked to such good things as improving cholesterol, lowering the risk of diabetes, and helping you to live longer.

Naturally, more study is needed before companies will know whether it's worthwhile to start stocking the toothpaste aisle with formulas containing wine as well as the familiar tooth whiteners and desensitizers. Until then, you can enjoy drinking your red wine, and other foods and beverages that contain similar polyphenols. Some delicious choices include tea, coffee, berries, kiwis, and beans.

If you love wine as much as we do, you don't even need another reason to drink it, but studies like this are still good news. You can celebrate by shopping with us to enjoy our vast selection of special and unique wines.

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