Wine Education Tips: Buy at Least 2 Bottles When You Plan to Age Your Wine

Wine Education Tips: Buy at Least 2 Bottles When You Plan to Age Your Wine

Buying a wine that will age well doesn't have to be complicated, but a little advance planning will help you to enjoy the experience even more. Find out why it's a good idea to grab more than one bottle when you'll be storing them away for future drinking.

First, keep in mind that only about 1% of wines are meant to be aged. The other 99% or more will not only not benefit from aging, but they will actually start to deteriorate if you let them linger too long. Plus, many experts now suggest that modern winemaking techniques enable many wines with high levels of tannin and acidity to be drunk younger than they used to be, and 5 to 10 years aging is all they really need to mature.

Now, when you are in the market for that relatively rare wine worth aging, buying at least one extra bottle works to your advantage because it's still not an exact science. There is no way to know in advance the exact time when you should uncork the bottle to be able to drink the wine at its best.

Having more than one bottle to sample is like having a preview. Depending on how strong the primary fruit is when you open the first bottle, you can adjust your schedule so you'll be more likely to open the next bottle at the moment when all the magic complex flavors emerge.

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