Wine Education: What Exactly is a Palate?

Wine Education: What Exactly is a Palate?

If you listen to people talking about wine for long enough, you're probably going to hear someone mention their palate. It's easy to get so used to the word that you may not even think about what it really means. Is it part of your body or is it something more intangible? As it turns out, it's a bit of both. Take a look at these thoughts about your palate, and how you can train it  so you can appreciate wine more.

Understanding Your Palate: Anatomically speaking, your palate refers to the roof of your mouth, and it separates your mouth from your nasal cavity. Of course, there's more to life than anatomy so your palate also has a broader meaning that encompasses your relationship to wine or anything you can eat or drink. It's about your personal tastes and preferences.

Training your Palate: While some aspects of your palate are genetic, you can control and develop your palate through deliberate practice. That means you can appreciate wine more fully regardless of your experiences and knowledge to date, whether you want to become a sommelier or just feel more confident choosing wines that you and your companions will love.  

Wine tastings are an excellent place to practice because they usually offer some structure and ideal conditions. Once you know the basics, you can also apply what you learn anytime you open a bottle for yourself.

So the next time someone mentions their palate, you'll know that the word has many meanings. You'll also know that the best way to develop your palate is to drink more wine, and pay more attention to what you're drinking. It's a big project but a lot of fun, especially if you contact us at Vino Fine Wine and Spirits to enjoy our free weekly tastings and our vast selection of wines from around the world.

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