Wine Education: What Makes Malbec so Popular?

Wine Education: What Makes Malbec so Popular?

There's a lot to love about Malbec. If you're a recent convert or a longtime fan, here are some interesting facts about this popular red wine.

Quick Background on Malbec:

With so much Malbec around today, it's hard to believe that it was nearly invisible just about 10 years ago. It started out in France where it continued to be used mostly as a blending grape. That's because it wasn't very well suited to the climate in much of France, so it was susceptible to disease and rot. However, in the late nineteenth century, it found a new home in Argentina where it flourished in the high altitudes and hot temperatures in the region of Mendoza. Argentina still accounts for most of the Malbec produced today, with the number two spot going to its birthplace in the town of Cahors in southern France. High demand has also helped it expand to other countries too like Chile, the United States, South Africa, and Australia.

Characteristics of Malbec:

While Malbec is often a good value, it has a lot more going for it than just its price. It's an appealing red wine that's usually dry and medium to full bodied with significant tannin and alcohol. It's often described with such terms as black cherry, plum, and berries, as well as chocolate, coffee, leather, and pepper. While many Malbec wines are drank young, some of the best are aged in oak for about 2 years.

Pairings with Malbec:

As you might imagine, Malbec can be an excellent choice for your meat days. It goes well with beef, poultry, and heartier fish. Then again, you can also pair it with soft cheeses and roasted vegetables.

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  • Adam Linet