Wine Education: What Would Santa Claus Drink?

Wine Education: What Would Santa Claus Drink?

You may be pondering some serious questions as you celebrate the winter holiday season. It's the time of year when many people think about promoting peace on earth and improving family harmony. On the other hand, maybe you like an easier challenge so we invite you to consider what would Santa drink. After all, there's more to life than milk and cookies. This is how we think Santa would enjoy his wine.

Sampling Wines from Many Countries:

He brings toys to children around the world so he must want everyone to feel loved and included. We think he's the kind of guy who can identify and appreciate the unique qualities that make different regions so special. Plus, the North Pole doesn't produce much wine so he has to look around a little.

Buying in Bulk:

Santa must need a lot of wine to share with family and friends. We bet his parties are very popular because he's such a generous host and where else are you going to have a chance to play reindeer games? On the practical side, he may not have much time to do his holiday shopping so he may give wine to his own friends because it's convenient and he knows they'll like it. Those elves probably work up a thirst too when they're trying to meet the December 25 deadline.

Trying New Trends:

If he's not afraid to fly through the sky in an open sled with a bunch of reindeer, he's going to be adventurous when it comes to wine too. We wouldn't be surprised if he goes to wine tastings all the time and asks the knowledgeable staff at his wine store to suggest something new for to him to try.

We're not sure where Santa does his wine shopping, but he's always welcome at Vino Fine Wine & Spirits anytime he's in New York or online. That goes for you too. Contact us for wine this holiday season and year round.

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  • Adam Linet