wine education: What's Behind the Claim: Wine is Alive

wine education: What's Behind the Claim: Wine is Alive

Is wine really alive? Just hearing the statement "wine is alive" intimates health, well-being, and romance. 

But, don't mistake the statement "wine is alive" as just a way to express how you may feel after having the perfect glass of vino. In fact, wine is geography, history, and human toil and emotion in a bottle and very much alive!

How wine is made:


From the first vine planted to the wine transferred to the bottles, every step in the winemaking process reflects the terrain or appellation in which the grapes grew. Weather, good or bad, influences the development of the grapes and thus the final product.

Wine is not only geography and earth in a bottle, but also reflects the passion and history of those involved in the process from planting the vines to pruning and care, to harvest, and all the steps in the winemaking method.

Fermentation is, of course, a crucial step, in that it is what changes what would be grape juice into wine. Whether helped along with added yeast, or allowing the grapes to ferment naturally, fermentation is an active living process.


Experience it with all your senses:


Anything which awakens your sight, smell, taste, and in the case of sparkling wine, even your hearing has to be alive!

There are many wineries, wine shops, and online courses and articles to help wine enthusiasts make the most of their wine tasting experience. Sure, you can enjoy wine by sipping or even gulping, but the swirling and sticking your nose deep into the glass, isn't just for show, these practices help you learn about and enjoy wine.


Enjoy and share:


Now that you know wine is alive, it should be all the more enjoyable. And, what better way to amplify the pleasure of drinking wine than to share it with friends and loved ones.

Not surprisingly, this living beverage is known to have several health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

But, like many good things, less is more. Make sure to enjoy wine in moderation. Indeed, if you are pregnant wine should not be consumed, and if you are on medication, you should discuss your wine consumption with your doctor.

Have fun exploring the lively world of wine! 

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