Wine Education: Wine and Pumpkin Pairings for Fall

Wine Education: Wine and Pumpkin Pairings for Fall

It's hard to believe there was a time when pumpkins rarely appeared on the menu except for a Thanksgiving pie. Today, the fall months wouldn't be the same without a billion different products and recipes featuring pumpkin as a main ingredient. If you're wondering what wine to serve with them, here are some of our favorite ideas.

Lunch and Dinner Main Courses:

Pumpkin tastes just as good in savory or sweet dishes. For cooking pumpkins, look for a label that says sugar or pie pumpkin, and pick one that's about 8 pounds or less without any blemishes on the skin. The wine you choose may depend on the other flavors in your dish. For example, try a round and soft Pinot Gris for pumpkin lasagna or an off-dry Riesling for pumpkin soup with sage.


Pie isn't the only way to bake a pumpkin. This fruit is ideal for adding moisture and vitamins to all kinds of baked goods. If it's your first meal of the day, serve pumpkin pancakes or quick bread with yogurt and a selection of apples and pears. For your drinking pleasure, pour out the Prosecco.


Of course, there's a good reason why pumpkin pie is a tradition. It's even more delicious if you make your own fresh puree instead of using the canned version, and it only takes a few extra steps. Reward yourself for your labors and delight your guests with a glass of port or Sauternes.


Another advantage of making your own pumpkin puree is that you get the seeds thrown in for free. Just roast them and sprinkle on the flavorings of your choice. If that happens to be garlic and black pepper, enjoy them with a citrusy white like Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.

Let us know your favorite fall food trends, and we'll help you find the perfect wine to pair them with. Contact us at Vino Fine Wine and Spirits for free weekly tastings and a huge selection of special and unique wines.

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  • Adam Linet