Wine Education: Wine Glasses Have Grown 7 Times Bigger

Wine Education: Wine Glasses Have Grown 7 Times Bigger

People sometimes complain that things aren't as good as they used to be, but wine glasses are getting better or at least a lot bigger. A recent study confirmed that the average wine glass today is 7 times bigger than it was 300 years ago, and much of that growth happened in the last 20 years.

You can thank the Behavior and Health Research Unit at the University of Cambridge for bringing this to our attention. They examined glasses from a few sources including Buckingham Palace, and did an experiment at a local pub. Everything confirmed what you might have suspected if you've been noticing the increase in size yourself. It also appears that as the glasses get bigger, people drink more wine.

What's behind all this? Experts speculate about several theories, and some of it sounds like which came first the chicken or the egg. Maybe the bigger glasses are the result of people being more educated, and wanting their red wine to breathe. Maybe they're drinking more wine because now it tastes better thanks to the bigger glasses. Maybe wine sellers prefer bigger glasses because it's good for sales. Maybe good hosts and decorators like the way the big glasses look in their place settings. There's also at least one technological advance at work here. In the late seventeenth century, George Ravenscroft invented lead crystal glassware, and that made it possible to manufacture larger and sturdier glasses.

By the way, most scientists would argue that the egg had to come first, but we're just happy to have bigger wine glasses regardless of the reason behind this trend. We're also happy about the fact that more people are able to enjoy drinking wine.

You're probably happy with your big wine glasses too, especially when you realize how easy it is to keep them full. Order online or stop in to Vino Fine Wine & Spirits  at our New York shop for our international and expanding variety of world-class wines and spirits.

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