Wine Education: Yes, Rose' is for Grownups!

Wine Education: Yes, Rose' is for Grownups!

Rose' wine, also known as pink, or rosada is wine made from red grapes which are left in the grape skins significantly less time than red wine. There are different methods which ultimately lead to the pink or rosy color. Saignee or bleeding relies on the weight of the grapes to crush the grapes. Other methods monitor the macerating or pressing until they realize the required color.


History of Rose':


Rose' wine originated in Provence France in about 600 BC. It was initially considered very prestigious and became the beverage of royalty.

Though there are many varieties of rose' wine (as many as there are red grape varieties) rose' adopted a rather "cheap" reputation over the years. This stigma is partially due to the confusion with rose' and white zinfandel.

Though White Zinfandel is technically a rose,' it is made only from the Zinfandel grape and uses the crudest form of processing. Sutter Home Wineries discovered White Zinfandel in the seventies, and its sweetness and fruitiness made it an instant hit with virginal wine drinkers.

Wine experts and enthusiasts realize that rose' wine possesses the same culinary possibilities and varietal qualities as white and red wines.


Food pairings:


The wine you choose to accompany a particular food is not determined by its color but by its weight or alcohol content. Rose' wines range from dry to very sweet. The sweetness or dryness of the wine should match the food it is meant to accompany. Below is a general  pairing guideline with some recommendations for the perfect wine:


•    Serve seafood with a light dry rose.'

•    Spicy food and unsweetened fruit go best with a medium bodied rose.

•    For creamy, rich cheeses such as brie and camembert, tuna, salmon or duck try a light fruity, elegant rose.'

•    Sparkling rose' is a great accompaniment to cakes and other treats.

•    Save your rose' Champagne for gourmet dishes such as lobster or lamb.


Don't let the pretty pink color fool you. There are fabulous rose' wines from all over the world waiting for the most discerning wine enthusiast to discover. For more information about rose' wine contact us

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