Wine in Times of Corona (Virus)

Wine in Times of Corona (Virus)

"What the hell am I supposed to do?!"  I repeatedly asked myself as I stared at the flames dancing over the fire pit. 

       Due to the COVID-19 virus, the world had gone into lockdown and weeks of pent-up anxiety had started to gnaw at the recesses of my brain as well as my fingers.   

       Tap, tap, tap, tap my fingers went, as they drilled into the armrest of my chair.  Three out of the five people living in our house had gotten furloughed due to the virus and my thoughts drifted to my ever-dwindling bank account balance.     

       The sound of a door opening tore me out of my trance and I turned to see my housemate come out onto the balcony.  His girlfriend had broken up with him a few weeks before the quarantine began and my anxiety lessened a bit as I sheepishly remembered that my situation was not nearly as bad as his. 

       We sat in silence for a while together, staring as the flames flickered and jumped in front of us when finally, I broke the silence and asked if he wanted to split a bottle of wine with me.  He agreed without hesitation.  I went downstairs to find it.

       I paused for a moment as I peered inside the wine bottle and swirled around the clear pink liquid within.  I had bought this bottle with the money from some tips I had generously received from one of my customers before the lockdown hit.  I was hoping to save the bottle for myself but I supposed it was only fair to repay one act of generosity with another.   I popped the cork, enjoyed one last hearty and personal swig straight from the bottle I knew would soon no longer be mine, grabbed two glasses, and went back out to the patio. 

       There wasn't much to say at first.  Without thinking, I made some off-hand comment about some pessimistic coronavirus death toll numbers I had overheard on the news and immediately regretted my decision.  My roommate replied with a soul crushing "yeah" and went silent.  I took a large gulp from my glass and then poured myself another.  You could slice the tension in the air with a knife. 

       Finally, as if sensing my extreme discomfort my housemate said, "You know, this wine is quite good.  It reminds me of my time in France.  I was studying to get my undergraduate degree then, and I spent a semester in France.  Up until then I never really knew much about wine, but France changed all of that.  It was the first time in my life I ever learned to really savor the food I was eating.  I almost didn't go.   I'm rather glad I did."

       I looked up at him.  There was a twinkle in his eye I had never really seen before.  To be honest, we had never really spoken about our pasts.  It was strange considering we had lived together for almost a year at that point. 

       I poured another glass, and we began to speak of our past adventures and trips around the world.  I nearly cried when he told me a story of falling in love in Paris, and we nearly cried from laughter when I told him a story of a time I threw up over the side of a boat when I got caught out at sea during a storm in Chile.  Soon, the wine began to flow ever more freely as did the laughter.  Hours passed. Before I knew it, my vision was blurry but my heart was full.

       Tired now, and with one last ounce of energy, I grabbed the bottle and took a look at the label.  It read: "French Escape, 2017.  Provence, France."  I smiled. 

       "Those bastards sure know how to make a good bottle of wine," I thought to myself, and then drifted off to sleep. 


       You can find this bottle of wine on Vino Fine Wines and Spirits' website!  Coincidence?  I think not! 

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