Wine-Inspired New Year Resolutions from the Best Wine Store in New York

Wine-Inspired New Year Resolutions from the Best Wine Store in New York

Many New Year resolutions start out strong but quickly fade away. It's hard to keep up your motivation to lose weight, read a serious book each week, or earn a new certification to get ahead at work. While you're trying to deal with the big stuff, how about setting yourself up for a small victory that may give you the boost you need to hang in there? Here are 3 wine-inspired New Year resolutions that you'll probably have no trouble wanting to fulfill:

Learn more about wine: You hear so much about lifetime learning today so don't get left out. Wine is one of the most pleasant subjects you can study, especially if you take advantage of events like our free weekly wine tastings at Vino Fine Wine & Spirits. Wherever you are, you can find books to read about wine or study courses online. You can also make it a habit to pay attention and take notes when you're sampling wine on your own.

Share more wine with your friends: A good bottle of wine becomes better when you're in the company of people you care about, and a fine bottle of wine becomes extraordinary. Don't let your digital devices crowd out time you could be spending in person with your friends talking, laughing, and drinking wine together.

Drink more wine: As long as you drink responsibly, treat yourself to more wine this year. Keep your home stocked up so you'll always have a bottle for everyday dinners and special celebrations. Make movie nights and takeout pizza more festive by serving wine. Pick restaurants with interesting wine lists when you dine out.

We want to help you turn your record around if you've been struggling in the New Year resolution department. Contact us to enjoy the best wine store in New York's classes, tastings, and our truly international and expanding variety of world-class wines and spirits.

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