Wine is Essential to Social Distancing

Wine is Essential to Social Distancing

In this difficult, uncertain time, we are socially distancing ourselves and trying to find solace at home. Fortunately, our shop is considered "essential" -- and we couldn't agree more!

Wine not only brings people together, but the sheer smell and taste of it can evoke so many memories and feelings. Maybe it's that bottle of prosecco you had on your first date, the vintage port from your honeymoon, or the rosé you had with your friends all summer long. One sip and you are instantly transported to a moment you cherish.

There's nothing better than reminiscing, laughing and clinking glasses over your adventures and precious life memories. And, since you can't head to a bar for that, the atmosphere in our shop continues to offer a warm, intimate and friendly invitation to you. Our knowledgeable staff is here in person or just a phone call away to help you make the perfect choices to get you through this storm, whether it's with your special occasion bottle or if you're looking to expand your palate. No matter your budget, we have a carefully curated selection, including bottles that are considered hard to find. We also offer online shopping to make getting your wine and spirits even easier -- delivered right to your doorstep -- anywhere in the United States, as well as free local delivery.

Whether you're isolated solo, with your partner, friends or roommates, we have just the libation to bring you relaxation and comfort. Just add cozy sweats, some savory eats, and good movies, and you're quarantining the right way. Aren't we all looking for a little escape right now? We're certain you can find it with the help of Vino Fine Wine and Spirits.

So, while you're hunkering down, we're here to make sure you're having the best time possible. Besides, this too will become a memory to drink about.

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  • Adam Linet